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It is the story of my horse

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The biggest eyes of living land mammals is of horses. Lakshmy had investigated so many matters through her eyes. Her eyes are wide open she sees almost 360 degree around her, predators are fooled by ability of vision
Yes, horse can sleep not only by lying but standing also.
It is very rare all the horses sleep together, few of them will be on guard duty Domesticated horses depute this guard duty to their human herd members . But I do not think the human members of the herd had taken the responsibility faithfully. I do apologize, I was not a good guard of the herd. Though Lakshmy trusted on me ,I had not fulfilled her expectations.
If you hear an unknown language you will not be able to recognize the deference and will not be able to pronounce the speech. Horses use a range of different vocalisations to communicate . But human are unable to recognize the fine difference


Lakshmy started to treat me.Hippo therapy is not meant to treat horses for any illness .But treating human beings with the help of horses.Horse will care his subordinate in her herd,the patient will be cared by horse as his subordinate.We may wonder what horses can do for treating human beings. The fact is that horses can treat you and teach you a lot. A horse is a best counsellor too.The langauge barricade is vanished if patient trusts the horse. I have no doubt to say that without knowing or feeling one can be treated with equine therapy.I was not knowing that Lakshmy was treating me mending me She corrected many of my approaches,misconceptions,and of my approaches to my family.She taught me boundaries-the boundary where we human beings are not willing to respect. Horses are the mirror of our feelings If we are in angry horses will try to be away from us and if we are friendly with horses horses will also be friendly with us if we fear horses horses will also fear us According to me the main advantage of horse therapy is that horse never use crooked intelligence .They obey their established rules .Horses are empathetic and the do not pretend So horse therapy is very munch advantageous for many disorders Though a herd animal human beings abandoned their herd mentality and turned to indivudulism.Though horses respect individual herd mentality is important We human beings forget existence is depend upon unity and union needs a leader. Our leadership may go to an unfit person by our disability-even the praised democracy donated inefficient leaders. The real corruption in democracy is voting for an inefficient candidate.Adult franchise allow any one to be candidate .His quality is judged by mobs mob psychology not by impartial judgement.
Horse therapy is beneficial to children with autism.Bond betewen man and horse proven to be effective in creating an emotional healing bond.
Autistic children have difficulty in bonding emotionally to others.But horse langauge is not forbidding an autistic child to make physical communication with horses.really horses communicate by their body langauge-and they determine our request or order by our tone
An autistic child brush the horses,hug the horses ,and pat the horses .And mainly horses will not disdain the autistic child
As said earlier , horse is the mirror of your feelings. But if you are sad and horse is your intimate friend the horse try to consolidate .Hippo therapy , according to me is based this fact.An autistic child will be given required care by the horse-care-a motherly care,a sisterly care.And the confidence will grow between them.
It will be a onether world where one trust onether unconditionaly.An autistic child will feel confidence.
Autism is not a desies but a trait.Horse can go up to below to that trait.And the ability of an autistic child can be exposed by hippo therapy.

Its my sweet horse

A horse

The date she was to my life is not traceable

But gradually she encroached into my soul

I bought her from Kenichira

The word “bought” is a commercial term

But between lakshmy and me commerce had nothing to do

her birth is not known as of many greats

place date pedigree

But loyaler than royal

she invaded to our nuclear family